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Oscar Medina, Southside Barrio Gardening Project

Oscar Medina, Southside Barrio Gardening Project

Oscar was inspired to create this project after witnessing firsthand the limited job training programs for young adults in south Tucson Arizona. After participating in the “Community Facilitator” training by Green For All, he realized that green spaces and green jobs are vital to disenfranchised communities of color.  He wanted to develop an apprenticeship program to train disenfranchised youth in his area the skills they will want and need in a new “green” economy.

South Tucson Arizona suffers from high levels of unemployment and limited job training programs for young adults between the ages of 16-24 years old. Nonetheless, access to healthy organic fruits and vegetables continues to be a problem for much of south Tucson residents. The Southside Gardening Project will create a green job training program for young adults that will equip them with adequate skills and knowledge in food systems, urban agriculture, permiculture, and organic farming. The program will train young adults on the different types of soils, composting, planting, transplanting, irrigation systems, green house building, and vegetable production via aquaponics.

Oscar will use TPP funds to purchase gardening and planting supplies and print student training manuals for his’ “Roots of Success Environmental Literacy” curriculum.


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