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Oscar Dominick watering plants

Oscar Dominick, The Traditional Medicine and Herbs Conservation Project

Oscar Dominick has a long history of dedication to environmental conservation in Tanzania, from participating in reforestation campaigns during high school to founding the Rumanyika Youth Foundation to protect important environmental resources, while preserving indigenous cultural traditions.

In his most recent initiative, The Traditional Medicine and Herbs Conservation Project, Oscar is working to conserve Tanzania’s traditional medicinal trees and herbs in the face of deforestation, climate change, and unsustainable exploitation.

Following the dissolution of the country’s socialized healthcare system in 1993, many low-income citizens turned to traditional medicine and herbs. Today, nearly 60% of the population in rural areas depends solely on traditional medicine as their primary form of healthcare, resulting in over-harvesting and the widespread devastation of important botanical resources.

Working in collaboration with 250 households and 30 traditional healers in the Kyerwa District, during 2015 Oscar will create an inventory of Tanzania’s traditional medicines and herbs. Additionally, through his project Oscar will help participating communities establish a multi-community seed bank to preserve important indigenous plant species, as well as build medicinal plant nurseries and provide residents with training in agro-forestry.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 17, 2015

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