Partners of the EndFGM campaign after a meeting - Esan, Nigeria

Oluwatomisin Olowookere – EndFGMEsan

In Nigeria, 20 million women are survivors of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) out of which the Esan community contributes a large chunk. The practice is founded in traditional beliefs and societal pressure to conform. Female Genital Mutilation does irreparable harm, as I am a survivor. It often results in death through severe bleeding, pain, trauma, and overwhelming infections. It is routinely traumatic. It has dangerous health implications because of the unsanitary conditions in which it is generally practiced.

Aside from the health risks they face, it is very difficult for female survivors to reintegrate into the mainstream of society because of the stigma that they are prone to experience, leaving them at the verge of not harnessing their full potentials.

The acquisition of the TPP grant will aid us in addressing the high rate of female genital mutilation in the Esan community by carrying out a three month long End FGM campaign, which will feature one-on-one advocacy, education and enlightenment, collection of signatures from survivors, and sending of letters/petitions to relevant authorities all aimed at reducing the incidence of this menace by over 70%.