Teens Entrepreneurship Education

Ogechukwu Ezeokoli – Teens Entrepreneurship Education

Teens Entrepreneurship Education is focused on equipping and empowering teenagers from low-income communities with entrepreneurial skills, information on how to run successful businesses, create job opportunities, reduce poverty, and ultimately be financially independent, furthering their education and helping their families.

This work is important to Ogechukwu Ezeokoli, the project’s founder, because she has seen students drop out of school because school fees. Upon further interaction with these students, she realized there was a space to create trainings whereby these students could earn funds and continue with their journey in school. She wants the world to understand that a parent’s incapacitation should not hinder young ones from achieving their dreams. Introducing youth to entrepreneurship early in life helps in reducing poverty, crime, promiscuity, and unemployment.

The initial seed grant from TPP was important as it enabled her to this work in a subset of schools. The funds gave her the resources to empower the teenagers to start off their business ideas, unlike just educating them without anything to start with. Their work attracted more committed volunteers and now they have a number of entrepreneurs, organizations, and government agencies who are interested in what they do. Receiving this larger follow up award will allow her to reach out to other teenagers in more communities with more creative and innovative packages. “The world is becoming a global village and we are developing our work and equipping our teenagers to be more technology inclined so that they can compete favorably with their peers around the world. Most teenagers are talented and are willing to follow the trend of event, hence; I will use our work to drive technology in teenagers in the communities as they solve societal problems and gain financial independence. This will ultimately eradicate crime, social vices and over dependent on white collar jobs.”

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