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Odur Justine Peace, Abakadyak Community Market

Date grant awarded: September 10, 2016

In Northern Uganda, a region which has suffered through decades of war, community members founded the Abakadyak community market with a common goal of uplifting their community economically and socially.  Capitalizing on the passing trade as people cross the border into nearby South Sudan, the market offers a safe space in which women can sell their goods and grow the small businesses which hold this community together.

Although the market has been established for some time, the area is unprotected from the elements and lacks basic hygiene infrastructure. While the community have come together to provide land and labor to develop the market, they were unable to afford the materials needed to give them the protection they need from Uganda’s hot sun and heavy rains. This is a true community project, designed by, carried out by, and entirely for the benefit of the people who live and work around the market.

Although providing shelter for merchants may seem like a simple thing, when communities pull together around projects like this, they are building not just the structures which will improve their day-to-day life, but also building the foundation from which a new Uganda can emerge. One which is rooted in strong, economically resilient communities.

East Africa Hub team member Jimmy Amone heard about the market from community leader Justine Peace Odur who is coordinating much of the work, and selected them to receive a Flow Fund grant from The Pollination Project.

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