Ocklah Ndirima and Joseph Kiberenge – Bethsaida Community based Centre2018-08-24T09:02:39+00:00

Ocklah Ndirima and Joseph Kiberenge – Bethsaida Community based Centre

Date grant awarded: August 25, 2018

Peer pressure, poverty-related stress, and the high demands of life have led to a drug abuse epidemic in Kenya. This has led to poverty, family disintegration, depression, and death. The Bethsaida center, run by Ocklah and her husband – both recovering alcoholics – is located in Kapteldon village in Eldoret, Kenya. The center provides a holistic rehabilitation approach by providing compassion, refuge, counseling (individual, group, and family), livelihood training, job placement, and community awareness.

In partnership with the Pollination Project, they will be able to offer recovering addicts the opportunity to learn baking skills and find a way forward to secure a source of income for themselves and their family as they work to rebuild their lives.


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