Rebecca Nyachwo - Vegetable Growing using Drip Irrigation for Positive Mothers

Nyachwo Alibecca, Athieno Alice and Akello Teddy – Vegetable Growing using Drip Irrigation forPositive Mothers

Date grant awarded: 11/25/2017

Vegetable Growing Using Drip Irrigation for Positive Mothers is a community based project designed by women living with HIV, residing within 9 villages of Kisoko sub-county. The project is intended to create a sustainable income generation as well as improved nutrition for 30 women and families who are living with HIV.

People living with HIV in rural Uganda are characterized by immune deficiency; doing hard work exposes them to significant health risks. Additionally there is extreme poverty in rural areas. The people living with HIV have very limited income and therefore can hardly meet their basic needs such as food, medication, clothing and general household support.

A group of women living with HIV have teamed up to start vegetable growing using drip irrigation. The 30 women plan to grow tomatoes, onions, egg plants, cabbage, spinach and collard greens in one acre of land throughout the year. They would like to sell these vegetables, which they believe takes less energy and effort. The long term vision and goal of this project is to improve on the income and wellbeing of people living with HIV as well as support the education of the children under their care.