Veronica Eyenga

Not a Runaway, Inc – Jholie Moussa REMEMBER… Missing Children’s Awareness Day

Not a Runaway, Inc. is an organization founded in the memory of Jholie Moussa, a 16 year old teen that went missing in Alexandria, Virginia and was found two weeks later in a park near her home. She was murdered. The purpose of Not a Runaway, Inc. is to raise awareness among teens and their parents about the dangers surrounding our children today. Due to the rise of social media, children are no longer just being snatched off of the streets. Instead, they are being lured by faceless predators on the other side of the screen. Not a Runaway Inc. will provide a range of workshops, speakers, and activities geared towards education and prevention. They will also have several law enforcement people involved, as well as other missing children’s organizations to speak and provide guidance to parents.

The Pollination Project grant will help Not a Runaway, Inc. develop more educational workshops for youth and their parents, as well as develop a missing person’s app that will quickly mobilize the community by providing them with flyers of the missing child that can be distributed.