A photo of some of the executive members and a consultant building up a concept note for the ICT Hub project.

Norman Julu – Lamwo Youth ICT Hub

The hub would be the first-of- the kind ICT, bringing in creativity and innovation to develop a social centre for the youth in Padibe Town Council and the broader Lamwo District in Uganda to come together and learn critical skills relevant for community transformation. With the centre fully operational, it is anticipated that every two months, 24 youth would learn new skills, thus reducing unemployment and youth crimes. The target youth include both school dropouts and school going students because they need the skills to help them in their education and teachers who possibly have not gotten the chance to learn skills on the computer.

Norman Julu is a graduate in accounting with a deep passion for ICT. Since completing his graduate studies, Norman has returned home and started an idea of bringing the youths together and share their knowledge of ICT. Norman and his colleagues started Lamwo Youth Forum for Change, and organization that now houses the ICT youth hub. Located within the Padibe Health Centre IV facility, the hub will be fully run by youths on a volunteer basis through their team leaders. Training sessions will be conducted using the currently available organization’s projector, two desktops, and four members personal laptops with the help of a whiteboard.

Norman goes to say, “The internet revolution has come with its blessings for the youth and Lamwo youths are not any exception – perhaps they need this experience even more than youths from other parts of the world – to better drive the formerly war-torn region into a prosperous society. An ICT hub for the youth and run by the youth would impact over 500 youth’s lives in Lamwo district.”