Norly Germain with a group of people outside a rebuildt house

Norly Germain – A Cistern of 15000-gallon of Water in the Community of Jeannette

Date grant awarded: 08/29/2017

Founded by Dr. Norly Germain and his colleagues, “Hope and Change for Haiti” (HCH) supports vital infrastructure projects in Paillant – Haiti. In Paillant, housing is dilapidated and shoddy; residents have only limited, arduous access to water. HCH’s two current projects consist of building and providing sturdy and earthquake-resilient homes and a 15,000 gallon cistern to collect rainwater for the most impoverished families and natural disasters’ victims in Paillant. Local residents contribute labor, while HCH contributes to materials and transportation. Such collaboration helps to reduce construction costs up to 60%.

At this stage of the project, the 15,000 gallon cistern is being constructed to collect rainwater for a family that has already received a permanent house through HCH’s housing project. Rain collected with PVC piping from rooftops during the rainy season (May – November) and stored in the cistern will provide up to five families with water later, in the dry season, from November to April.