Nora Kramer – Protecting Playas

IMG_3601-1-1-200x300Protecting Playas supports tourists in helping to preserve beautiful, tropical places they visit. Protecting Playas works with local businesses, such as hotels/hostels and restaurants, in popular tourist destinations to plan and publicize litter clean-up events that will attract eco-minded tourists who value the beautiful area they are visiting, want to meet other like-minded travelers or locals, and who want to compensate for their environmental impact or leave a place they visit nicer than they found it. These group restorations or clean-ups will protect animals and the environment, as well as help people take action to honor the natural world.

Litter is just one small symbol of our lack of connection to and respect for our natural world and the beings who live in it, but it is a very salient symbol – and it is not only visible in a way that climate change, habitat loss, or other more systemic environmental problems are not, but it is also actionable right here and now in a way those problems are not.

Of course people can pick up litter whenever they want, but most people would never
think to do such a think proactively on their own, yet if they saw that there were an
organized group outing where they would meet like-minded people, see a new area of the
place they are visiting, and give back to that place, they would be far more encouraged to

Nora will use her TPP grant to launch the project with a website and outreach materials.