Noor Mashal, Amy Hunter, & Jyoti Puvvula – SORA Smiles

The SORA Smiles Project honors the life of two beautiful girls named Sophia and Sara who made bracelets that brought smiles to refugee children across the world. For the past two years the sisters have sent off bracelets with Noor Mashal on her humanitarian trips. When the two sisters passed away this January 2018, their classmates decided to continue their legacy of bracelet making.

The bracelets have brought much joy to children suffering from injustice, poverty and deadly conflicts. Through SORA Smiles, Noor hopes to continue to shed the light on the current refugee crisis and to inspire students and parents to get involved through bracelet making. This project aims to set up pin pals for children in the United States with children in refugee camps to introduce themselves through an exchanged polaroid photo and handmade bracelet. Noor’s message is: “Let’s not be afraid to talk about what’s going on in the world. What affects this world affects everyone in it, so let’s teach our children to use their voice to put positive energy and love in the universe.”