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Noelle Chaco, y.o.U.g.a.

Youth on Understanding Greater Alternatives (y.o.U.g.a.) is a 10 week program created by Noelle Chaco that is designed to condition the body, mind and spirit through yoga and aerobics complimented with proper nutrition information, demonstration and sampling. Students learn basic movements in a variety of disciplines, feel healthier on the inside and out, and are educated and informed about healthy choices.

Y.o.U.g.a. addresses the lack of services in the Los Angeles neighborhoods to provide quality programs for youth addressing areas of health, wellness, nutrition and mental health. Students have access to facts, tools, exercises, and choices to improve their holistic needs. The goal is to help them learn healthy choices for life using hands on techniques focusing on health and wellness and mental health.

Forming a partnership with the Foster & Banks Walk and Faith Foundation (a TPP grantee), Noelle is currently running sessions with students in her after school enrichment program at Budlong Elementary school. Each week the students participate in meditation, aerobic exercises, vinyasa along with breathing and stretching techniques. Aside from exercise, they also learn about nutrition topics including but not limited to water and the importance of hydration, healthy eating habits and snacking. They also learn about how sugars, fats and carbs can contribute to diseases.

“Knowledge is power when put into action. A seed must be planted in order to grow, the best time for education is at a young age, where minds are still moldable.” – Noelle Chaco

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GRANT AWARD DATE: November 24, 2015

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