Noah Hastay - FIT for ALL

Noah Hastay, FIT for ALL: Fun & Inclusive Training for Individuals with Special Needs

Date grant awarded: 6/29/2017

More than 63,780,000 Americans have special needs … and whether cognitive/developmental, physiological or psychological in nature, these needs add levels of difficulty to daily life activities. Communities across the world are effected by the many secondary health conditions associated with living sedentary lifestyles that lack fitness, primarily due to barriers such as physical access, financial constraints and guided program resources…until now!

Noah Hastay, founder of the FIT for ALL program at Gainesville Health & Fitness in Gainesville, Florida, works to eliminate those barriers by offering fun and inclusive exercise programs for individuals with special needs. After over two years of inspiring the Gainesville community, the FIT for ALL program will begin moving to other health and fitness centers across the country to become the fitness model for individuals with special needs.