Nkembeteck Henry Nkwa

Nkembeteck, Motia, Nja-Njobaya and Fonju – One gesture, 300 reliefs” in Wabane, Cameroon

Date grant awarded: April 23, 2018

The “One gesture, 300 reliefs” project aims to boost agricultural output, end child labour and end extreme poverty in Wabane, Cameroon. The project will provide a mobile palm kennel-cracking machine to a group of 20 rural women in Wabane, Cameroon. These rural women depend on palm kennel and its products for livelihood. They currently use methods for cracking the palm kennel which is labor intensive that engages children and keeps them away from school and above all yield very little revenue. Thus keeping rural women in the vicious circle of extreme poverty.

Through this project, rural women will have access to a mobile palm kennel-cracking machine, to produce palm kennel mechanically. This will multiply their income, liberate over 200 rural children from child labor and improve their school attendance.