Njeri Mwaniki, Jessica Monserrate – Zaidi – Advancing STEM for Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa

Zaidi – Advancing STEM for Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa is a project led by Njeri Mwaniki and Jessica Monserrate, who are both professional women in STEM, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, companies striving to increase the number of women entering into these careers by leveraging their professional networks. Zaidi-STEM, the non-profit organization who is helping deliver this program, is geared towards advocating and mentoring girls interested in pursuing this field by creating a platform of professionals to be mentors and coaches for aspiring STEM students.

Additionally, Zaidi-STEM is helping enrich STEM-based instructions, promote the conversation that the girl child in Africa can be more and break through the limitations often set for her, and execute an annual service trip to carryout STEM camps. Funds from The Pollination Project will support in the communication efforts between mentors and mentees across the world by paying for Wi-Fi hotspots near or at the education centers in Africa as well as helping cover the costs of STEM kits that will be utilized in schools in Africa.