Niesha, Dawntina, Tabitha, Pat – YWRAP (Young Women Reaching Accomplishable Places)

Grantee Name: Niesha, Dawntina, Tabitha, Pat
Project Name: YWRAP (Young Women Reaching Accomplishable Places)
Grant Location: Bakersfield, CA, USA

Funding Partner: California Endowment

Project Description: YWRAP (Young Women Reaching Accomplishable Places) is a Mentor Program in Kern County for youth girls’ ages
10-18yrs of age. The main purpose of the program is to reach out to youth girls, providing mentorship thru groups to encourage, motivate, educate, and empower them. Helping them to set and establish goals, and take the necessary steps to accomplish them. With guidance and direction and instilling hope; YWRAP helps them to believe in themselves and overcome challenges of adolescence and become successful young women in society.

The program is designed to foster a commitment to youth girls that will promote healthy lifestyles, wellness, friendships, strong interpersonal skills, encouragement, motivation, education and empowerment.