Nicole Vazquez

Nicole Vazquez, No Human Is Illegal Mural

Nicole Vazquez will be working on a mural project in the Beach Flats Community in Santa Cruz, CA. Her mural will include images and text that was not approved for a City mural she was working on, particularly the phrase “No Human is Illegal.” Nicole says: “I am promoting my community, the people who work and struggle. The people who come to this country to succeed but encounter limited opportunity. The people who are blamed and targeted, the people who are seen as outsiders because of their history, or their documentation status. Although we are promised sanctuary, and told that racism is no longer alive, it has been clear in my community that the violent and ‘ghetto’ stereotypes of my neighborhood are being enforced by over-policing and fear-based messages. My mural project breaks through stereotypes to highlight who we really are instead of what we are made out to be.”