Guitar students and their teachers at Raymond G. Sanchez Community Center

New Mexico Community Music Initiative – NMCMI’s Mobile Guitar Program

New Mexico Community Music Initiative’s Mobile Guitar Program aims at building music programs with and for Albuquerque communities. We base our efforts on the conviction that everyone should have access to meaningful music education and musical experiences, which is unfortunately not always the case in New Mexico. By transporting instruments around our city, we will work with various schools, community centers, arts organizations, and other groups to set up sustainable programs for kids, adults, and seniors.

Music has, for all of us who make up NMCMI, always been a primary way in which we participate in our cultures. It has been, in other words, a space of inclusion and connection, and how we have come to define ourselves and our communities; whether as a way to identify with our heritages, as an expressive outlet, as a life-long pursuit, or as a space in which we have made life-changing friendships- all are true. We believe that building safe and welcoming musical spaces bring people together, encourage healthy dialogues and creative attitudes, and enrich communities.

We are grateful for the support of The Pollination Project, and we will use this seed grant to help acquire an entire classroom’s worth of guitars and percussion instruments and launch our Mobile Guitar Program! By continuing our efforts in music education, we hope to share all that music has been for us and continue to learn and grow with our communities.