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Dahkota Brown - NERDS Summer School

NERDS – Native Education Raising Dedicated Students – NERDS Summer School

Date grant awarded: April 20, 2018

NERDS Summer School program aims to provide high school students who are deficient in credits and in danger of not graduating to enroll in the required courses and graduate. The program is designed to help students in 10th and 11th grade to redo failed courses in a small class setting with personal tutors. A great majority of NERDS students are living with situations that labels them “at-risk” and often create obstacles preventing admission to college or being employed.

Through this project students are provided an opportunity to remain in school, graduate and succeed. The project also assists students with plans for their future. Each student’s school counselor helps to assess and plan the correct courses, then NERDS purchases BYU online high school courses, provides a tutor, transportation, quiet room with computer, and healthy nutrition.


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