Nehema Georgina, African Hut

Date grant awarded: 1/27/2017

East Africa Hub team member Miriam Wambui first met Nehema Georgina at an IT training led by Miriam. She tells us that Georgina was a passionate young woman who was very disciplined and had a dream of using her passion for fashion design to help young people get off the street and open doors for their futures.

Georgina has now launched African Hut, a program which uses fashion and the arts to help young people identify their talents and learn to express themselves. By teaching them skills that can potentially generate income while also developing their confidence and self-esteem, Georgina hopes to help these young people transcend the circumstances in which they currently find themselves.

Georgina and African Hut were selected to receive a flow fund grant by Miriam. They will use the funds to expand their materials available to their program and to recruit more participants. Miriam will be serving as a mentor to Georgina through the course of the grant.