Neal Sehgal, Evolve For Animals

Neal Sehgal, Evolve for AnimalsNeal Sehgal is an educator, activist and multimedia artist who founded the grassroots advocacy group, Evolve For Animals, to inform the public about veganism and the plight of animals.  Their approach includes leafleting, tabling, public speaking engagements, letter-writing, film screenings, feed-ins, podcasting, and dispensing original digital outreach content.  Evolve for Animals was founded to fill a void in the animal rights movement by speaking about veganism in terms of lifestyle, not just diet, and animal exploitation in terms of use, not just abuse.

Evolve For Animals’ specific outreach focus targets college students and the 18-25 age niche by means of leafleting, tabling, feed-ins, film screenings, speaking engagements, and the development of original multi-media content. They host tabling events at least 8 times a year in large public settings like Times Square, Grand Central Station, and college campuses.  Pollination Project funding will be used to expand their reach further in 2014.

“As an activist and school teacher, I firmly believe in the power of clear and comprehensive education to change hearts and minds, as I have seen it work time and time again,” explains Neal, “I believe everyone has the power to change themselves and the world around them.”