Nativa Escola – Education For The Future

Education For The Future is a project led by Nativa Escola in the city of João Pessoa, Brazil, which centers on spreading knowledge about animals and their relationship to the environment through education. The project emerged in 2018 in the first vegan school in Brazilian children’s education. The social environment in which the school is placed is composed of multiple NGOs, academic initiatives, and individuals worried about raising awareness on humans’ actions on planet Earth, given that the idea that humans are a ‘superior species’ is still very engrained in their society and drives countless environmental and social problems all over the world.

A group of organizations (the animal protection NGO Harpias and the VI World Congress on Bioethics and Animal Rights) got together with Nativa Escola to create and operationalize a project to train public teachers about the topic and help them to introduce it in their regular classes.

The grant provided by the Pollination Project is going to allow them to get to these teachers and produce educational material. The goal is to make a difference in children’s’ education by focuses on sustainability and respect to all species.