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Nathan Mukabire, Mayuge Tweziimbe Welding Skills for the Youth

Date grant awarded: June 27, 2016

East Africa Hub Fellow Batale Fred met Nathan Mukabire about 4 years ago and was moved by his work to help youth in Mayuge, Uganda, become empowered and successful in life.

Across the world, education is seen as a priority for success. However, survival is a priority for life. In Mayuge, youth often drop out of school to take up jobs cutting timber for furniture as a source of employment to help provide for their families. Students who drop out have limited work options, and so often resort to this kind of work, leading to continued deforestation and contributing to climate change. Recognizing the high numbers of high school drop outs in his community, Nathan decided to take a stand to help address the issues youth face with staying in school, including being unable to pay the required fees.

Mayuge Tweziimbe Welding Skills for the Youth provides welding skills and empowerment, and youth are trained to be self reliant through the creation of their own jobs using welding skills learnt in the program. Nathan’s goals are to teach them about the risk of destroying forests, to help them be able to pay their school fees, and to show them how their issues of unemployment can be solved by creating self-employment opportunities that are also environmentally friendly! Nathan hopes that the youth who come through his program will be able to go out and train others in communities around Mayuge district, and he believes that anything can be accomplished if people work together!

This Flow Fund will help purchase the equipment and materials needed to successfully run his program.

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