A group of young men and women smile for a photograph holding reusable menstrual pads

Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma and Seke Muzazu, Copper Rose Menstrual Hygiene Project

Date grant awarded: December 24, 2016

UNESCO estimated that one in ten girls on the African continent miss school during their monthly menses, leading to an increased dropout rate. With less than 50% of Zambian girls having access to sanitary pads, Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma and Seke Muzazu saw a need. Out of the small southern town of Monze, Natasha and Seke established the Copper Rose Menstrual Hygiene Project, where they hold workshops involving what menstruation is, how to assemble reusable pad kits, information surrounding sex education and opportunities to build confidence and set goals. The campaign is not merely a distribution of pads but includes long-term approaches to passing along viable information.