Naomi Mwaura, Say No to stripping and violation of women and girls

A series of savage attacks in Kenya, where women were stripped of their clothes in public, moved Naomi Mwaura to action.

“‘Stripping’ refers to the process of men violently removing a woman’s clothes with the intention of humiliating them for dressing ‘provocatively,'” Naomi said.

Her project, Say No to Stripping and Violation of Women and Girls, aims to educate motorbike riders, bus drivers and other common male bystanders, through dialogue between the genders. Through this campaign, Naomi wants to engage public transportation providers as allies, so the shameful stripping of women in these public places, like bus depots, will stop.

The program has already conducted discussions in two hotspots — Nyeri and Kisumu — and launched a crowd mapping tool that allowed people to report strippings in real time. Naomi’s outreach will then target those remaining areas.

Funds from the Pollination Project will facilitate this dialogue by providing a venue and program materials.

For more information on Naomi’s project, visit the Facebook page and twitter feed.