Nana Kwasi Ohene, Play and Learn Foundation

Date grant awarded: 2/2/2107

Nana Kwasi Ohene founded an NGO called The Play and Learn Foundation (PAL) which seeks to alleviate the symptoms of poverty among Ghanaian youth. Together with the Board of Trustees, Ambassadors and volunteers he leveraged the universal sport of football to facilitate discipline and leadership in children from Okpongolo who attend the Foundation’s scheduled activities. The lack of coordinated social activities, extra educational help and well-connected mentors are needs PAL works to meet. PAL is also dedicated to providing a secure path to adulthood by protecting a vulnerable population from professional under-qualification, and inequality.

Lastly, the PAL mentorship program gets more career professionals involved in mentoring the children in the organisation to help equip them with knowledge, guidance, motivation and direction towards determining their career goals.