Nainyoie Samburu – Guest House and Safe House for Survivors of GBV in Samburu

As a pastoralist woman, I have experienced various forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV), from Female Genital Mutilation as a young girl to domestic violence. I have decided to use my life experience to help other women overcome and move forward from these challenges.

What motivates me and keeps me moving forward is making a difference in the lives of the next woman or girl that I meet so we can break the silence and cycle of abuse among pastoral communities. Through this project – Guest House and Safe House for Survivors of GBV in Samburu – I am to empower women who are the most marginalized group in the community economically, politically and socially so as to maximize their potential while safeguarding their rights.

Through this work, I want to empower women who are victims of GBV, rise above their challenges and be empowered financially, psychologically and socially. My vision is an empowered community of Samburu pastoralist women who are realizing and exploiting their potential to improve their livelihood. We already have a set up space that we intend to furnish into a safe house for women affected by gender based violence as well as run as a community guest house for tourists as a means to becoming sustainable. The structure of the house is already set up and all we need is to furnish it so as to make it habitable. We have been using it for community trainings and meetings but want to add value to it.

With funding from TPP, we shall partition the space, acquire some furniture, as well as boost marketing to potential initial guests who will help us build momentum for the safe house and guest house. Some of the victims will earn from their services of running the guest house as well as being able to sell their art works through the guest house art shop.