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Nadia Schilling, The Agroecology Project

Date grant awarded: February 24, 2016

James Theodosiadis, Liam Hansen and Nadia Schilling are the founding members of Needs-Based Solutions Inc. (NBS), an organization which uses science and education to develop ethical and innovative solutions to large-scale societal problems. In 2016, NBS launched The Autonomous Agroecology Project to address the lack of local, affordable, pesticide-free, organic plant derived foods for the general populace. Currently, they are working with two major educational institutions and their engineering students to develop harvesting prototypes and have begun growing crops on the land of a local animal sanctuary for their initial testing site. This site will double in benefit as a permanent plant-food source for rescued farm animals, whilst sowing the seeds for an ethical, abundant and affordable plant-based future.

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