A group of children reading in the new library

Nachizo G.Manza and Mainess N.Chilumbwa – Na tubelenge Children’s Library

Knowledge and Information are crucial factors in human development, without which, there is no development. This is why Nachizo G Manza and Mainess N Chilumbwa founded Na tubelenge Children’s Library, a community based organization located in Lusaka, Zambia. The organization teaches and encourages children of every background to read books for enjoyment and inner growth. This is in effort to better the quality to their lives and improve the poor reading culture in the country. Nachizo and Mainess collect used and new books from individuals and organizations and have created a place were children can freely come and access them, which they consider to be a basic human right, one that is sadly denied to a lot of Zambian children.

“If you want to hide something from an African, put it in writing.” This is the narrative, accompanied with their love for children, that the founders wanted to change when they first started this project. Community libraries are powerful knowledge partners in delivering services such as digital inclusion, education, local knowledge, social services, as well as a place to interact with likeminded people. A grant from The Pollination Project will enable the library to hold holiday reading camps. In these camps early childhood teachers will teach children of every background the basics of reading and encourage them to fall in love with reading and other literacy tools.