Nabaasa Innocent – Team Leader – Making a living off Castor

Nabaasa Innocent is the founder of the project, Making a Living Off Castor, located in Uganda. The goal of the project is to uplift women from poverty, especially widows. Many women are dependent on their husbands, however, they are unable to inherit anything if their husbands or parents pass away. Nabaasa Innocent wants these women to acquire their own property so that they can sustain their families. They want women to generate their own income.
Because of castor oil’s ability to treat and cure certain ailments, it’s demand has grown over the years, and Nabassa wants to invest it its production. This project brings women together to grow castor oil plants so as to extract natural castor oil for both medicinal and beauty purposes. The goal is to make thousands of women economically independent.

With support from The Pollination Project, they will be able to purchase screens, a heater, an oil expeller, a castor bean dehuller, and they can cover transportation costs, as well as registration, branding, and marketing.