Damali Mudondo - Mothers to Lead

Mudondo Damali – Mothers to Lead

Date grant awarded: 10/13/2017

Mothers to Lead is a community of single mothers aiming at empowering fellow single mothers with entrepreneur, and Business skills for self-survival. Among the entrepreneur skills include recycled crafts making, hair plaiting, organic soap-making and tailoring.

The project is spear headed by Mudondo Damali, a single mother with twins whom was abandoned by the father of her children. “I believe if I had no entrepreneur skills, I would have run away for prostitution and left my children to die or suffer.” Damali said. She learned the skills from friends and got a loan from a village bank to start, so she strongly believes that this is a tool to rescue the suffering single mothers in Nakibengo community.

Mothers gather at the public school and save money through the process called village community banking, in which money is lent out to members after learning the skills to be able to start their own businesses. The loans given out is payed back with small interest of 1% to ensure sustainability. This project will be sustainable by offering trainings to other groups from outside the locality of Kityerera Sub county at a cost. The core participants will pass on the skills to others from this locality at a free cost, and the savings by the members will enable the project to earn and save some interest from loans given out.