MSA West - Can't Break Me

MSA West – Can’t Break Me

Can’t Break Me is a self-defense campaign located in California that encourages Muslim students to educate themselves on staying safe. With the rise of hate crimes against Muslims, and the amount of incidents that occur on universities across the nation, it has become pertinent that students learn how to defend themselves, how to get out of potentially dangerous situations as quickly and safely as possible, how to report incident when they do occur, and how to combat the emotional and mental trauma that comes with the aftermath. MSA West aims to do this by providing free self-defense classes and bystander intervention training to all of its affiliated campuses, as well as provide guidelines on how to minimize the risk of attacks. In the case that an incident does occur, MSA West will reach out through Can’t Break Me to ensure that students and clubs have all the support and resources they need.

The Pollination Project grant will help MSA launch the self-defense campaign and provide the first set of self-defense classes on two of the most affected campuses.