Moses Wangola, Executive Director – Provisions of Mid-day Meals to HIV/AIDS Orphans in Maundo

Date grant awarded: July 2, 2018

“Provision of Mid-Day Meals to HIV/AIDS Orphans in Maundo in Maundo Village” is a project located in Uganda and run by Wangola Moses (the Executive Director) and Adongo Specioza (the Project Administrator). They are the founders of Tororo Grandmothers Association and they work together with 70-year old Asinas Owori, who is the chairperson and Faith Okumu who acts as the treasurer.

They are the current leaders and their goal is to ensure that all HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children’s voices are raised. In order to successfully complete school, these children need food, and a secure income to ensure they live dignified lives without discrimination and segregation in their communities. The project began after grandmothers in the area (65 years and older) thought about the future of the orphaned children whose parents died young of HIV/AIDS. Many of these orphaned children are left in the hands of older people who are above 65 years old. The situation has made many of these vulnerable children drop out of school and get married early. As a consequence, the children often live without choices and become involved in petty criminal activities.

This project will try to eliminate barriers to education for all of these children by helping 20 grandmothers procure a grinding mill, which they will use as a source of generating income to support their grandchildren who will be able to study without any challenges. The goal is to get these children to live a life where they are self-reliant.