Moses Kirunda

Moses Kirunda – Disability Centre for Tailoring Rehabilitation

Disability Centre for Tailoring Rehabilitation is a tailoring centre that constructs African fabric products, such as shirts and dresses. The aim of this work is to train other people living with disabilities – PWDs – with skills to help them in starting their own tailoring businesses and save capital.

This project was established by Moses Kirunda, who lives with a disability and acquired the knowledge of tailoring through a family member. As a result, this helped him start a small workshop of two sewing machines, where he both operates and train others to acquire skills. The project currently has four individuals learning and it will increase that to 30 participants, who will study for a period of 6 months per a selected group of 15.

Given the high numbers of unemployed and uneducated PWDs in Magamaga Town Council and the neighboring places, Moses decided to empower those people and secure skills, which they can use to create self employments.