Mlesh Garden of Hope

Mlesh, Terry Triza, Wawush and Julie – Garden Of Hope

Date grant awarded: 10/10/2017

“Garden of Hope” is a grassroots, non-profit Community Based Organization in Taita-Taveta County of Kenya, operating under registration number TTA/CD/2/7418. When Kenya was first hit by El-Niño rains, my village suffered heavily from floods, high erosion, spoilage of food crops, displacement of people, and deaths of livestock, wildlife, and devastation of biodiversity. For decades, the community was food and economic secure but the erratic rains marked a new paradigm shift which accelerated human suffering. This inspired the birth of “Garden of Hope” to help restore and build sustainable community food systems, health empowerment and environmental resiliency as we regenerate coastal soils. Our main focus is to share knowledge on “GROW BIOINTENSIVE” and “REGENARATIVE FARMING” methods, ENVIRONMENT and BIODIVERSITY conservation. We are growing hope by growing soils and where there is distress we are restoring peace, where there is hatred we plant love and where is
sadness we are planting joy. Dear friends welcome to Another Way of Farming that is a closed loop system which grows Healthy Soils. The Healthy Soils in turn produce Healthy Crops and Healthy Crops produce Healthy people. We welcome you to join us to this inward transformation for this the future we aspire. Remember we are the change we want to see so welcome!!