Mission Reconcile - Mission Reconcile: Path to Reconciliation

Mission Reconcile – Mission Reconcile: Path to Reconciliation

Date grant awarded: October 21, 2018

Mission Reconcile is a faith based racial reconciliation nonprofit in New Orleans, Louisiana that brings together predominately one-race churches to create organic relationships and discuss important issues relating to race. “Path to Reconciliation” is a three part event that seeks to address the racial division among churches and people of faith. This event provides a vehicle for churches to host important conversations surrounding race and racism.

Believing that faith has the power to create change, shift hearts, and bring truth, “Path to Reconciliation” invites churches to enter each other’s space and culminates with a facilitated event that emphasizes the three areas that bring people together: food, music, and good conversation. The goal is that participants will be more social and conscious about racial justice. The Pollination Project Grant will allow Mission Reconcile to provide “Path to Reconciliation” events at no cost to partnering churches.