Mirembe Sarah, Mirembe Community Centre Kangulumira

Date grant awarded: 10/29/2016

As an East Africa Team Member, Fred Batale is always on the look out for people doing great work in their communities. While visiting the Sub-County of Kangulumira in rural Uganda as he worked on his own project supporting people with disabilities in Uganda, Fred came across the work of Mirembe Sarah.

Sarah runs a small startup project which helps young single mothers and women who have dropped out of school develop the practical skills to support and educate themselves. This project has received little outside attention or funding, yet Fred spoke passionately about the difficulties faced by these women, and the transformative work done by Sarah – who was forced to drop out of school at a young age herself – to help them break free of the cycle of poverty.

In this small project, which currently serves just a handful of young women, Fred sees the start of something special. He told us that he believes with the right support, mentorship, and platform, she will be able to reach many more young women and change the lives of them and their children. This grant will provide essential tools such as sewing machines and materials which will allow the women to begin training and earning money to support themselves and their families.