Minka Joel

Minka Joel, Lutale Coffee, Cocoa And Fruits Nursery Centre

Date grant awarded: 1/27/2017

In Lutale Village near Lake Victoria, most young people rely on fishing to make a living. However, overfishing has destroyed fish stocks and led to young people struggling to make a living and getting into trouble with government agencies which regulate fishing.

In earlier times, the area was  a large producer of coffee and cocoa and Minka Joel has decided to use the skills that he learned in the workplace to help young people and living and also preserved the lake and the fish by reducing the community’s reliance  on fishing for income.

Under Joel’s leadership, a group has come together to start a nursery in which they will grow coffee, mangoes, oranges and cocoa. Families in the village will receive startup seeds and seedlings that will enable them to grow the crops for income. Joel also train them on organic farming and the production and use of compost.

East Africa Team Member, Fred Batale decided to award a flow fund grant to this project because he sees this as a novel and interesting plan to quite literally seed a new way of generating income in the community.