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Million Dollar Teacher Project

We are work to strengthen schools so every student receives a quality education. We support students by supporting teachers. As an organization we believe that if we truly want healthy schools and better outcomes for students we must have a healthy teaching profession. MDTP creates community-centered, cost effective programs aimed at increasing how teachers are recognized, supported and eventually compensated.

I have worked in and around education, in different capacities, for 17 years. Through that journey the role that impacted me the most was the five years I spent as a teaching assistant. That job did two things, one, it showed me that I am not cut out to be a teacher and two, that I greatly respected and admired thse in the teaching profession. The teaching profession is one of the only careers where we are all have direct interaction with. As a student, your classroom is your world and as a parent your entrust teachers with your students everyday. The success of our schools is a community responsibility and it is our job to make sure that our teachers are happy, healthy, and whole. We truly have the power to make sure every student receives excellent instruction every day.

The initial seed grant from TPP was important to our work because it helped us strengthen our teacher recognition programming this school year through the expansion of our Take a Teacher to Lunch program. TTL is a program we created to turn teacher recognition into a year-round, sustained effort. We were able to leverage those funds towards much needed program enhancements for our Take a Teacher to Lunch program. We were able to invest in event collateral, supplies, and recruit an intern from Arizona State University to assist us with program implementation and management for this school year. These activities have assisted us in bringing our Take a Teacher to Lunch program to three new schools and attract six new sponsors and four new business partners to assist us with celebrating teachers this school year. These groups assisted us by providing volunteers, supplies and additional funding to help us make Take a Teacher to Lunch a truly one of a kind celebration of teachers.

We plan to use these funds towards capacity building and investing in systems that will assist us in sustaining our work, so we can eventually scale. These funds will enable us to strengthen our intern program and recruit two interns, who will assist us with tracking, researching and writing grants, donor engagement, and fundraising administration among other duties. These funds will also enable us to invest in better office technology, purchase a CRM system that will help better engage our donors, potential funders, attract new program partners/sponsors and volunteers and enable us to also invest in data analytics tools that will help us better demonstrate the impact of our work. These funds will directly be put towards systems that will help us create a strong foundation that MDTP can continue to grow from with efficiency.

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