Millicent Tettey, Hewale: Fashion Empowers Ghana’s Single Mothers

Millicent Tettey is the creator of Hewale, a fair-trade fashion co-operative for single mothers in Accra, Ghana.

At the age of 14, Millicent became a single mother. Soon after, she was forced to leave school and take odd jobs in order to provide for her family, but after several years of hard work she has become a renowned bead designer and emerging fashion model.

Now, through her project Hewale: Fashion Empower Ghana’s Single Mothers, Millicent is helping other young single mothers by providing them with 3 month long courses in bead and apparel making. Once certified through the program, participating women can opt to join a cooperative where they will be able to sell their creations under the Hewale brand through person-to-person marketing, local e-commerce portals, and Hewale’s local showroom.

As of summer 2015, Millicent has begun training 10 single mothers from the Teshie suburb in Accra. Over the course of the next year she plans to enroll more than 200 local women in the Hewale program.

For more information, please visit Hewale’s website.

 GRANT AWARD DATE: September 15, 2015