Millicent Atieno Mbero, Jimmy Junior Academy

Date grant awarded: October 29, 2016

Amidst biting poverty and limited educational resources in rural Kenya, one woman in Kanyawegi Village is making a difference. In a region where many children cannot access education, this grant will enable Millicent to bring education closer to the marginalized children in Kanyawegi village through the construction of two classrooms.

East Africa Hub Team member, David Omondi, who runs and teaches at a primary school in the same region, told us more about how he met Millicent and why he has chosen to support her with a flow fund grant:
” I used to see Millicent passing by my school with her students every day. I learned that she is a teacher and founder of Jimmy Junior Academy.
Although primary education is free, early childhood education is not free in Kenya. After seeing many children in the village stay at home during school days due to lack of school fees, Millicent decided to start a school in the village. I listened to Millicent narrate her story of how she started a school in 2014 with only one child. She now has 20 pupils who she teaches in a dilapidated church structure. She has been unable to hire a teacher to assist because she can’t pay them every month.
I want to fund her to build a decent classroom so that she is encouraged to keep her dream alive despite the odds. She has struggled to find help and does not know that organizations like The Pollination Project exist. By giving her this flow fund, she will know that there are people out there who believe in her and trust her to live her dream and transform her community.”