Mildred Atamba, Improved Cooking Stoves

Mildred Atamba Shivanda was raised in Kakamega County, Kenya. As the eldest child in a family of nine siblings, she was socialized early in her life to cook for the family. Mildred became inspired to help women and families to find new ways to cook that don’t require destroying the forest and endangering the health of the family.  Mildred says local families each use an average of 8 trees per month just for cooking. Cooking is done on an open fire inside a small home where smoke impacts the health of the entire family.

Mildred seeks to introduce to her community a better stove that does not rely on firewood and thus will reduce indoor carbon emissions and also does not require deforestation.  She also plans to educate her community on the danger of using the outdated open fire stoves in the home.

GRANT AWARD DATE: April 30, 2015