Mikel Nielsen

Mikael Nielsen

I have known Mikael for many years and witnessed his transition from a passionate animal rights activist to a wise leader and an inspiration for the Chicagoland animal protection movement. Having worked with Mikael on a variety of small and big projects I felt fortunate that collaborating was always easy, since he is a very positive and reasonable person.

While Mikael is currently working for Mercy For Animals, his legendary activism started by volunteering for EarthSave Chicago, Vegan Outreach, Protecting Animals USA, and other groups in Chicago. He has personally handed out tens of thousands of educational AR/Vegan brochures and helped organize a number of local initiatives, including Chicago VeganMania, Chicago Veggie Pride Parade, and the COW (Compassion On Wheels) van.

Even though he works with volunteers all over North America, Mikael is often not as visible to a bigger audience as the top echelons of MFA’s Leadership Team, like Nathan Runkle and Nick Cooney. Mikael deserves to be recognized by everyone (not just those who work with him) for dedicating his life to make a difference.

Tribute by Vadim Moskalin, TPP Grantee & Founder, ChicagoVeg

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