Artist: Michelle LL, Image by: Lara Furst - Installation for Micro Galleries Kathmandu

Micro Galleries – Disrupting Climate Disruption: Global Day of Creative Action

Tired of the inaction, we have started a new movement: A global day of creative action in response to one of the biggest threat of our generation.

On the 21 September, to coincide with the U.N Climate Summit and Youth Climate Summit 2019, we will have artists all over the world – from Kenya to Gaza, to Australia to the Philippines – mobilising within communities to develop, present and document a public, creative response to climate disruption.

The works will span across all practices such as murals, installations, music, movement, and projection art – with a particular focus on the involvement of creatives from those in climate vulnerable countries.

We are providing an accessible and engaging creative platform to create space for more voices, perceptions and interpretations of the issue – and more excitingly, more ideas and exposure about solutions, adaptations, and mitigation strategies that are taking place using diverse cultural and traditional knowledge as well as new technology.

These works, their development and public response will be documented and featured online live, be part of a virtual online exhibition, and form the basis of a micro documentary. This project will culminate with a virtual conference involving participating artists and organisations,

Climate disruption art makes the biggest threat to our existence a cultural reality, and a participatory medium. So, on 21 September, while people sit in rooms discussing the urgency of slow change, we will be all over the world, creating small change with urgency!