Melody Moore- the (Inner) Beauty Shop

Melody-Headshot-240x300Melody is a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders and body hatred.  Melody is the creator of The Embodied Love Movement, an organization that provides treatment for and promotes prevention of negative body image and disordered eating through the integrated wisdoms of psychotherapy, yoga, and holistic nutrition.  Melody’s project, the (Inner) Beauty Shop, was co-created by a team of seven courageous young women (ages 19-21) in recovery from disordered eating.  The project is a workshop for 12-18 year old girls bringing together yoga, holistic nutrition, media influences and positive self talk to  helping girls see that they can be self-embracing and part of the revolution to love themselves.  Melody and her team will use TPP funds to bring the workshop to teenage girls at schools in the Dallas TX area.  Melody came to us via our “flow fund” partnership with Off the Mat, Into the World.