Melinda Harvey, The Go Tribe

Melinda Harvey, along with her team members, Samantha Jockel, David Drinkall and Daniel Harding, have begun The Go Tribe, a global giving circle of individuals coming together to play a part in eradicating poverty. Based in Australia, but globally operational, this dynamic team supports giving together and strengthening donations. Each month, they profile one issue facing people around the world and one solution or project to address the issue, then GO!

With this collaborative effort, Melinda and her team harness the power of strategic and collaborative giving, strengthening the idea that small acts of generosity can make big changes when we all move together.

“There are so many projects doing amazing work to eradicate poverty, but there are barriers for many who want to give.” says Melinda. “When we asked people what these were, two that were continually cited were the feeling of being overwhelmed by too many options and not wanting to be locked into one charity.” The Go Tribe addresses both of these issues through a powerful model that includes profiling one issues and project each month, setting a giving target, and inviting the Tribe to GO! and make it happen. They track their collective progress and report back via the website and social media.

By making one short educational video each month, The Go Tribe will be able to have further educate their audience about what they are doing, why they are doing and how others can get involved. The Pollination Project funds will cover production and distribution costs for a full year of educational videos.

For more information on The Go Tribe check out their website, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds. To see their initial informational video, click here.