Melina Lingondo, Our Trees, Our Future

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Melina Lingondo, Our Trees, Our Future

Melina Lingondo is a teacher in Busia County, Kenya and founded the Green Schools project, Our Trees, Our Future, which promotes environmental conservation and awareness in local schools and community centers. By incorporating educational programming and tree planting into the everyday fabric of these communities, Melina hopes to bring attention to the deforestation crisis sweeping the country, and replenish some of what has been lost. As an educator, Melina began this program to create stronger community by weaving education and environment together in the hope that, “students [will] make a positive difference in the world through focused studies, tree planting, and service-learning projects”. With the community support and combined efforts, Melina’s team intends to plant one million trees within one year and reach up to 10,000 students with information on environmental conservation.

Melina points out there is no single cure to climate change, but hopes by planting trees, she will make a lasting impact on the next generation, as well as teach the important connection between forests and climate. Our Trees, Our Future is involving children in this key project knowing they are the change makers of tomorrow. This generation will be growing up with the knowledge of how managing and renewing natural resources can make a lasting impact on their long-term outcome.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used for purchasing seeds and supplies to make one million new trees in and around Nairobi a reality.


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