Meghan Kelly, Craque- Bitume, Quebec City, Canada

Meghan KellyMeghan teaches ecological gardening to adult students in Québec, Canada through Craque-Bitume, a non-profit urban ecology collective that runs educational programs in conjunction with a local adult high school, Centre Louis-Jolliet. As an educator, Meghan equips students with the skills to start their own gardens, while approaching the subject of gardening through a critical lens that evaluates the environmental impact of our actions and questions existing social norms.

Meghan developed the ecological gardening course from start to finish, developing 45 hours of curriculum and activities, and teaching courses specifically designed with humane education in mind.

Last year, she led students in a perennial greening project at a local community garden. This year, she is leading experiments to test home-made potting soil in hopes of finding a more environmentally-friendly alternative for urban gardeners to use. Meghan hopes to create community-based projects with her students that have larger social impacts and encourage actively engaged citizenship.