Megan Pincus Kajitani, Giraffe Revolution

header03Megan came to us as a flow fund grantee through our partnership with World Peace Earth.  Megan is a mother of two, writer, educator and vegan lifestyle coach.  Giraffe Revolution helps women revolutionize their lives, the lives of their families, and our world by helping them transition to a vegan lifestyle which includes both plant-based eating and heart-based living.   Under the “Giraffe Revolution” brand, Megan is creating a series of downloadable e-courses that joyfully teach women on how to make this transition.

Megan will use TPP Funds to film and develop materials for her first e-course is called “Giraffe in the Kitchen” and provides an outline for “3 Steps, 3 Weeks for 3 Revolutionary Reasons”.  It  will include videos that she will film in her own kitchen, and other materials to help women (and moms) make new food and lifestyle choices.